Betway is attempting that its members can enjoy its services not only from a PC with its main site, but also anywhere and anytime thanks to the mobile applications that they have developed.

In general terms, is possible to Betway app download into Android and iOS devices. They are capable of working in a wide selection of gadgets and contains features which replicate the functions seen in the website. In this article we will review these mobile apps by providing some insights about them. A special mobile website is available as well, to which a few words will be dedicated too.

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First, the Betway app for Android

The first impression obtained after opening this Betway Android UK app is positive. Of course this applies to every other country as well. The main part of the software contains an easy arrangement of items that allows to make simple navigation into the parts that the user is interested in visiting. Some users have a steeper learning curve for getting used to the interface, which could be tweaked a little bit. However, this is not a major concern.

People who do not have an account can roam through the many sections and options offered by the software. If it is decided to complete Betway sign up, it can be done through the app itself without needing to use an internet browser.

Despite not being available in the Play Store, this mobile app can be easily downloaded and configured nonetheless. If you are interested in installing it you can follow the steps detailed below:

  1. Head to the Betway webpage by using a web browser
  2. Go to the Betway app download section
  3. Choose the software that you wish to install. It can be the mobile sports betting one and/or the casino app
  4. Tap over it and open the freely downloaded apk file
  5. Follow the steps on screen and finish the installation process

It may happen that the installation will not work because of a security configuration. For this, the user must go to the menu of the phone or tablet and turn on the unknown sources option. This permits the installation of software that comes from places outside of official sources, such as Google Play or stores exclusive to a particular brand.

If you are unable to find this configuration to install the application, then it is likely that your device is running an Android version not supported by the application. Later in this article the system requirements will be detailed, including compatible versions of both Android and iOS where this mobile app can run without issues.

Some people may have concerns of why Google does not allow the Betway app UK to be present in its store. This is not because of an issue with Betway itself, but due to a condition put by Google which does not allow the presence of gambling apps that involve real money.

Regarding the functionality of these mobile apps, it should be said that they do a quite good job in replicating the experience found in the Betway webpage, but in from the comfort of a mobile device.

Specifically, the Betway sports app includes access to the more than 30 disciplines covered by the company. As it may be already known, each one of them offers a big selection of tournaments and matches, from minor local leagues to world cups.

The interface of the software offers easy access to any sport, team, or match that we want to follow or wager on. Making the bet itself is easy and quick. For people who like the live betting option, which consists in guessing events that may happen during a sport event, the software allows to review statistics and watch some live streamings. The only complain that may be said here is that the selection of streamings is not as wide as for other companies, but they still cover the most popular events.

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How the Betway app download process looks from the iOS side of things

Unlike Google, users of iPhones or iPads will be able to immediately install Betway app UK in their device by directly visiting the AppStore. After going to that place, the software must be added to the gadget in the exact same way as it would be done with any other application.

An advantage of having the app in an official store is that it is always possible to download the latest version and keep it updated. New iterations of the software can add new features, fix bugs and cover potential security breaches. Because of that it is a healthy advice to always run the newest version not only of Betway, but of any other application.

Speaking about the features and functions included in the available Betway mobile apps, its sports app has the same functions that were mentioned before for the Android version. The same can be said of the casino software.

To be specific, this one includes a wide selection of games which replicate ones that can be found in a real life casino. There are card games (including poker), dozens of variants of slots, roulette and more. These means of entertainment have been developed by some reputable companies dedicated and experienced in the creation of mobile games.

For that reason, most of the feedback and opinions that the users provide of this particular Betway app is quite positive. The aspects that are more praised by the customers are the functionality and the graphics.

If for whatever reason is not possible to install any of these applications in an Android or iOS device, there is also a very functional Betway mobile website. It works with no issues by using the most popular web browsers, and it offers the same good experience that can be found if using the official software or the desktop version of the webpage.

However, it is recommended to Betway app download whenever possible, as the mobile webpage may not load correctly under certain circumstances. While isolated and few, these incidents have been one of the reasons of why this software has been developed in the first place.

It is usual to see users asking if there is a version of the software for Windows computer and mobile devices running Windows phone. Unfortunately they don’t exist for now. However, these gadgets are capable of running either the desktop or mobile software without issues. It is unclear whether a dedicated Betway sports app for this environment will be developed at a later time.

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Betway mobile app: its exclusive features and system requirements

There are a few perks found only in the applications and mobile website that are not available in the desktop website. Of course, they have been put there to encourage the public to install the software in their phones.

Specifically, the first of these exclusive features is one called 4 to Score. This one is especially dedicated to the followers of the exciting English football. Customers from the UK and Ireland can win £25.000 if they guess correctly which team of the top four divisions of these tournaments scores first. Players must submit their guesses before 3:00 PM every Saturday UK time. This is absolutely free to play and can lead to some serious winnings.

Secondly there is the Free Bet Club. This one rewards players with £10 in free bets given every week that they wager no less than £25 in different matches of different sports. £5 are given on saturdays and the other £5 in the following Monday.

The live streamings used to be another of these exclusive features as well. However, Betway decided to incorporate them into the desktop version of the website, so now, regardless of the platform being used, this feature is available for all members.

The applications for Android and Apple systems are highly optimized, and for that reason, the system requirements for running them are not high. In the case of iOS, it will run in any iPad or iPhone running the version 8.1 or newer of the system.

In the Android side, the Betway apk will run in most devices operating with version 4.1 or newer. A list of some devices and brands compatible with the Betway apps can be seen in the table below:

BrandCompatible devices
LGG4, G5, G6, G7, G8, G9 and all V series
HuaweiP10, P20, P30 in their basic, lite, and pro variants
SamsungGalaxy S5, S6, S7, S8, S9 and S10. Note 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. All Tabs since 2
SonyXperia XZ, XA, X, E5 and X Compact

This table is only a short list. If you have a device running Android 4.1 or newer and is not mentioned here, it is likely that the Betway software can still run there. The only way to make sure if your gadget is capable of running it is by installing the Betway apk in case you are unsure.

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Betway app UK: payment methods and final remarks

This article would not be that useful if there was no mention of the payment methods. There is a wide variety of them, and they include e-wallet services like Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, and others. Bank transfers, VISA, MasterCard and Maestro cards can be used too.

Most of these methods allow deposits and withdrawals. Adding money is reflected instantly in the account, while withdrawing earnings can take a few days. The majority of the mentioned means of payment have a lower limit of £10 for both withdrawals and deposits.

It is required by law to validate the player’s identity in order to be enabled for withdrawing money. This can be done by uploading to Betway a bank statement, passport, driver’s license, ID card or utility bill.

As a closing note, if can be said that the software developed by Betway makes its job properly. It allows smooth access to the markets and games covered by the company, while offering a responsive and easy to use interface.

Some players have claimed to need a bit of time to get used to navigate in the sports section. However, this is a comment that is seen not only for the mobile software but also in the main website. Because of that, if is expected that any revision to the sports section will be implemented at the same time for desktops and mobile devices.

The exclusive perks are an attractive feature for undecided players, besides some bonuses and special offers provided by the company. However, it is fair to also mention that the smaller live streaming portfolio compared to the direct competitors may turn a few potential customers away.

Despite this, if you already make use of the services offered by Betway from a computer, it is highly likely that the Betway mobile app will satisfy your needs if you want to take the experience to the portability of your mobile device.Get a Bonus

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